Vegyuan - Vegetarian without Allium Vegetable

Travel around the World with Affordable Budget and Explore Vegetarian Foods!


I am Buddhist Latco-ovo Vegetarian who love to Travel to Different Countries to Explore Vegetarian Outlets and EAT!

Buddhist Latco-ovo Vegetarian:
– NO
. Onion
. Garlic
. Shallot
. Leek
. Chives

. Diary Products like Cheese (Non-Animal Rennet) and Milk

Initially I created this Food Blog is for my personal reference as I own a Goldfish Memory (Short Term Memory). Recently found out that my friends are checking out my this Food Blog for more information of Vegetarian Stalls and Which Dishes to Order.
Times to times, friends are urging me to update this Food Blog which is left inactive for months due to busy schedule.

I will try to maintain and update this Food Blog!

Please share Vegetarian Stalls with me in any Country!
Feel free to Email me~

**I currently staying in Singapore**



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