Etcetera Vegetarian Cafe

Etcetera Vegetarian Cafe

Batu Selicin, Lubuk Baja, Batam City, Riau Islands 29444, Indonesia

Operating Hours:
11 am to 9 pm (Batam Time)

+62 813-6310-9900

Counter Looks


– Cozy and quiet place for gathering!
– 2nd level to cater more quiet and bigger groups
– Mixture of Japanese and Western Cuisine of dishes
– Polite and friendly staffs who will go extra mile to bring smile on customer face



Fried Mushroom, 18,000 IDR
– TASTE is just RIGHT at the DOT!
– Not over salty or bland type!
– the mushroom is seriously FRESH when you taken a bite of it!

Tempe Ball, 18,000 IDR
– Totally let me have a NEW IMPRESSION of TEMPE!
– Well combination of the ingredients with Tempe!
– Worth to try!!

Okonomiyaki Hiroshima. 58,000 IDR
– Original type of Japanese Pancake! Why i say so? Look at the next photo!

(managed to take it before completely gone!)
– Cheesy taste with slight salty feel
– Will not feel sick of eating after eating  it!

Yosenabe, 39,000 IDR
(Steam Boat of Seafood or Tofu or Mushroom Option)
(Mushroom Option)
– Refillable? 
Not sure is the staff is nice to refill for us or it is really refillable type
– Soup is like add lots of peppers however it taste kinda shiok when drinking it too!
– Do not know how to explain the overall taste as we are really enjoying eating it somehow


Pumpkin Sushi Roll, 39,000 IDR
– sweet type of taste
– 1st time try such sweet sushi taste
– not to my likes

Crunchy Sushi Roll, 39,000 IDR
– Crunchy as the name!
– slight sweet taste too
– Never try such sushi before!


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