Green Lane Vegetarian Food, 绿园素食

Green Lane Vegetarian Food, 绿园素食

Block 123 Yishun Street 11 (123 Eating House, Coffee Shop)

Operating Hours:
Daily except Wednesday
10.30 am to 9 pm

Coffee Shop:
– less crowded or almost not many people after 2 pm onward
Reason: seem like almost half of the stalls only operate in the Morning
– Cleanliness:
Quite Decent
– Toilet:
No Toilet Roll

– Bit not easy to be spot
– not many buses are available at the nearest bus stop




Fried Bean curb Fries, $2.80

– Same standard as Lao Di Fang!
– Cant find this dish at anywhere else in Singapore!
– Never feel sick of eating it!
– Best snack to satisfy your craving and mouth!

Deep Fried Carrot Cake, $2.80
– Slight Crispy and Salty at the outer layer
– Melt inside your mouth!
– Personal feel: slightly different standard from the Original one from Lao Di Fang
– Should give a try if you never eat it before!

Spicy Noodles, 麻辣锅烧面, $5.00

– Yes, it is Spicy but not 麻辣 type of standard
– My level of Spicy intake isnt that high however i still can finish everything without drinking the Iced Milk Tea which act as a standby
– Soup is mixed well with Spicy Chili Paste and they add another spoon of Spicy Chili Paste onto the bowl (can see from the photo)
– Not recommend if you like High Level of Spicy foods or are keen to try 麻辣 Vegetarian type of Foods. 
I seriously finish everything include the soup just to prove to my friend that this isn’t spicy not to mention the 2 words of 麻辣。

Will I ever make a Special Trip down to eat at this stall?
– Nope
– Never

Will I come here to eat if I am nearby the area?
– Maybe
– Can consider


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