Vege Pot, 素砂煲

190 Middle Rd, Fortune Centre #02-31, Singapore 188979
(Up the escalator, turn left and walk straight to the back)

Operating Time:
Mon to Sun, 11 am to 9 pm (Last order: 8 pm)
(Closed on Wed)
(Open on 1st and 15th of Lunar Calendar)

Customer Service:
– Personally feel that their staff know the menu and ingredients well! Include the ingredients can help to improve which areas and etc.
– Their patience are obviously higher and better than others!
*Thumb up*

Recommend/Favorite Dish:

1. Vegepot Rendang Curry Yellow Ginger Rice Set, $6.50
– Clearly can see how big this dish at the price of $6.50!!!
– Curry rending is slightly spicy HOWEVER you will unable stop eating after 1st few mouths!
– Soup: Able to help in smoothen the spicy taste. (Amazing, right?!)
Close up Shot of Curry Rendang

2. Vegepot Penang Laksa, $5.50
– Traditional Penang Laksa!! ❤
– Penang is too far to try their Penang Laksa (Vegetarian)?  Come Vegepot and try this one!
– Sour and Spicy taste kick in straight RIGHT after the 1st mouth of the soup!
– This dish will never ever gone wrong if you able to take spicy foods!


Vegepot Mined Mushrooms Bean curd Skin Black Fungus Radish Sweet Beans Set, $6.00
– Taste normal to me