Dim Dim Sum, 点点心

Dim Dim Sum, 点点心

6 Tin Lok, Wan Chai (Diamond Building)

Operating Hours:
10 am to 12 am (Daily)

+852 2891 7677

Interior Design of Dim Dim Sum

Menu of Dim Dim Sum
– Can see there are Vegetarian dim sum available

– Staff is polite with manner even we have Language Barrier
– Best to eat the foods while it is served warm especially the Kimchi Roll
– Can consider again if have urge of dim sum when i am around one of the Dim Dim Sum Outlets


Crystal Dumpling, 水晶包 – 18 HKD
– It give me a feel that there is Allium Vegetable inside which make me feel slight uncomfortable
–  Quite chewy and filling too!

Chee Cheong Fun with Truffle, 黑松露野_肠  – 23 HKD
– Must eat while it is served warm!!!!
– once it get cool down.. it start to feel bit tough to chew it
– the truffle taste is slightly lighter (i prefer stronger taste)

松_汤鲜竹卷 – 20 HKD
– Eat while it is warm!
– It make me feel like i am eating 汤包
– Juicy in the inside!!!

Kimchi Roll, 韩风泡菜腐皮卷 – 24 HKD
– Crunchy at the outside and WARM inside!
– slight spicy and sour taste
– Will order again!


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