Poh Hiong Vegetarian

Poh Hiong Vegetarian

B06 Taman Kenanga Mewah, Jalan Kenanga 3/21, Taman Kenanga Seksyen 3, Melaka, Malacca, Malaysia, 75200

Operating Time:
Daily (Except Wed)
7 am to 5pm

– Squat Type
– Might need prepare your own tissue in case it is used up

Customer Service:
– They are very polite and friendly!
– Smile is always on their face~

Foods Wise:
– Roti Prata is simply Awesome!
. While stock last!
. Plain, with eggs, and etc
– Quite a number of foods to order!
– Orh Jian is not the type that I love to eat

– When you spot such color of building, means you are near to the stall!!!

Poh Hiong Vegetarian

Personal Recommend + Favorite Dish:

Roti Prata
– MUST EAT dish whenever my friends and I came Malacca for trip!
– A bowl of curry isnt enough for me!

Fried Carrot Cake
– Never get to take photo as it is cleared within a short moment!
– It is not so sweet even we ordered Black color type.
– Will order again next time!


Orh Jian aka Hao Jian
13737560_10155031531709947_480365242100026366_o– Not the type that I personally like to eat
– Friends and i dont intend to order this again



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