Leaf Healthy House (Organic)

Leaf Healthy House (Organic)

No.5, Lebuh Penang,, 10200 Penang, Malaysia

Operating Hours:
– Mon to Sat (Closed on Sun)
– 11.30am to 3pm
– 5.30pm to 9pm

Customer Service:
– Polite and always carry with a Smile!
– No sense or intention to rush us out when it is their Break Time period
– Even guide and suggest us when my family and I are 1st timer in Penang

– Average price range of 6.90 RM to 10.90 RM
– Organic Foods at such price.. AFFORDABLE!!!

Personal Opinion:
Main focus point.. This is an ORGANIC Vegetarian Café!
Organic to me usually taste bit bland and expensive in price as I tried quite a number of Organic Vegetarian in SG or Malaysia.
HOWEVER!!! Their dishes.. No lie.. It seriously give a SURPRISE onto my taste bud and eyes!
Never ever ate such Tasty and Appealing ORGANIC Vegetarian Foods till now!

Leaf Healthy House – Interior Design
(taken from web)

Recommend/Favorite Foods:

1. Mushroom Spaghetti, 9.90 RM
– Creamy base~ OMG!!! ❤
– Serving look bigger than I am expecting to have!
– Spaghetti is Well Cook! Easy to chew and enjoy it!

2. Leaf Spaghetti, 9.90 RM
– Feel healthier when eating this BUT the taste is just simply TASTY at the same time!!
– Stir well before start enjoy this dish!
– Nothing much to describe this.. Eat with No Regret!


1. Veggie Bak Kut Teh Set, 10.90 RM

2. Home Made Veggie Dumpling, 10.90 RM
– With a bowl of rice

3. Nasi Ulam, 6.90 RM

4. Popiah, 3.70 RM


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