Shi Fang Zai Vegetarian, 十方齋

6-8, Jalan Mas, Taman Mas, 30100 Ipoh, Perak.

Operating Time:
10.30am – 3.00pm, 5.30pm – 10.00pm

05-2829959, 016-4229389, 016-5519389 (Chloe Lau)

Customer Service:
– An uncle is polite in serving and trying to meet the customers requests
– Others do not really bother about the customers and will try to avoid eye contact when customers raising hand for assistance
– Tried to request for more gravy as the Curry Fish is too dry, the friendly uncle tried his best to request for us however it is turned down by the chef that this is the max.

Serving Time:
– the waiting time is SUPER LONG even though it seem bit crowded
– it took 35 min to serve 1st 3 dishes.. and another 25 min for 2 more dishes..
ANOTHER 25 min for the last dish, Stir Fried 四季豆
– there is no sign of apologize from the staff regarding
1. when the foods are over delay
2. my friend approached the staff of the remaining dishes are not served after waited this long

Foods Wise:
– We feel that the Stir Fried 四季豆 is the MOST decent and it should be served
as the very 1st dish instead
– Other dishes are either too dry to swallow or  average type (but confirm is not Restaurant type of Standard)

– My friends and i had kinda bad experience in this Restaurant thanks to their staff service (except for that old uncle)
– The prices is not worth for the dishes.
– We are filled with Anger instead of Foods =.=

Shi Fang Zai Vegetarian, 十方齋

Shi Fang Zai Vegetarian, 十方齋 – Interior Design

Personal Recommend Dish:

Stir Fried 四季豆
Taken from the stall itself

– Traditional style of Stir Fried 四季豆
– Tasty and Crunchy!
– Mouth after a mouth and it will cause u to crave for MORE!
– Somehow will make your stomach feeling more hungry

Dishes: (All photos are taken by myself)

Appetitzer, 开胃菜

Curry Fish
– Gravy is a lot however the taste is not like curry at all
– It is served bit cold thus the texture of the Mock Fish is bit over moist

Fried Omelette
– Not photo look bad.. It is really look just like this!
– Over Salty!

Stir Fried Beansprout
– It is as DRY as this photo shown
– Beansprout is not properly clean before prepare for cooking

Stir Fried Monkey Head Mushroom
– This dish is served bit cold too
– Monkey Head Mushroom never really absorb the gravy thus it taste like eating RAW
– Mushroom quantity is bit little

Please share your review of the dishes that you had tried and their staff services under the Comment Corner!