SunYuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家

68, Laluan Rasi Jaya 8, Taman Rasi Jaya, 31450 Menglembu, Ipoh, Perak

Operating Time:
7.30am to 3pm (Daily)
Closed on Every Monday except 1st and 15th of the month of Lunar Calendar
(Best to call in case they plan to close few days for occasion)


name Card
SunYuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家 – Name card

– Squat type
– No toilet roll is provided
– Can purchase a packet of tissue paper from the counter

Customer Service/Staff Attitude:
– Very friendly and polite
– Always carry with a smile on their face which will brighten every customer day!

Foods type:
– Most likely are Soup based with noodles, kway tiao and etc
– Served in warm temperature
– Sell buns like Lotus Paste, Red Bean Paste and Chao Siew Filling

My friends and i will usually come to this stall for our breakfast routine for a simple and delicious foods to start our day!
You will eventually feel full after eating and does not feel wallet crying even order more than 1 bowl more to eat.

SunYuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家
SunYuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家

SunYuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家 - Stall
SunYuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家 – Stall

Interior Design
SunYuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家 – Interior Design

SunYuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家 – Menu

 Personal Favorite + Recommend Dishes:

Ipoh Prawn Noodles, 虾面 (kway tiao type)
IPoh Prawn Noodles, 虾面 (kway tiao type)
Taken from the stall itself

IPoh Prawn Noodles, 虾面
IPoh Prawn Noodles, 虾面
Taken from the stall itself

– You can order and replace the default noodles to Kway Tiao (like the 1st photo)
– It is seriously taste AWESOME!
– Traditional Penang Prawn Mee!
– The moment u smelled it, you will eventually feel like start eating it immediately!
(No kidding!)
– The ingredients are quite filling too!
– RECOMMEND!!! (It will never ever go wrong for this dish!)

Penang Laksa, 拉沙
Penang Laksa, 拉沙
Taken from the stall itself

– Traditional Penang Laksa!
– Not suitable for those who cant take Spicy foods
– Taken a sip of the soup, the spicy feeling start to react in my throat area

– If you like to eat Spicy Foods, you will eventually start to enjoy this bowl of Traditional Penang Laksa

Curry Mee, 咖喱面
Curry Mee, 咖喱面
Taken from the stall itself

– Thick curry soup and taste~
– Spiciness level is average
-Quite tasty if you like Curry type of foods!