Yang Shen Vegetarian (养生素食)

Jalan MP 15, Taman Merdeka Permai, 75350 Batu Berendam, Melaka
Operating Hours:
Around 6pm till 9pm

Yang Shen Vegetarian (养生素食) has around 5 Separate Vegetarian Stalls within the shop. Each stall specialise on a different kind of food thus no same/similar dishes can be purchase so there will not be competition within the stall owner.

Highly Recommend + My Favourite Foods:
1. Chicken Rice Balls, the sign is placed at the left side of the wall when you enter.
– The main factor of this dish is the Chicken Rice Balls itself.
– It is a little chewy with the flavor of a Traditional tasting Chicken Rice.
– You will Never regret your decision when ordering this dish!

2. Japanese Popiah ( without wrapping with seaweed), Located at the side of the entrance, at small table with a lady preparing it.
– Only 2 words comes to my mind when I bite into it: Crunchy! Tasty!
– It is very likely that you will order for a second or even third serving of it after tasting it!

3. Orh Jian aka Hao Jian, Located at the front of the Entrance, an uncle frying there
– BEST in Malacca!!!
– I will always order a big plate, maybe 2, of it with my friends whenever we visit Malacca.
– A must order dish!
– a Big Plate of Orh Jian only cost 10 RM

Not Recommend or Dun suit my taste type of foods:

1.  Japanese Naori Sushi (Order from the same stall as Japanese Popiah)
– The taste of the Fresh Vegetables is a little to over powering in my opinion.
– It just do not have that wow factor.

2. Hokkien Mee (Order from the same stall as Orh Jian)
– It look and taste completely different from the usual Hokkien Mee that i order all the time.

This place is one of the MUST visit places for dinner in Malacca!
Even my Non-Vegetarian Friends who tried the 3 dishes that i recommend also gave good review and a thumb up after tasting it. Until this date, they are still craving for a plate of Orh Jian from this stall!